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About platform

CodeBits Platform - free, powerful and fast PHP Platform, CMS and framework in one. Ready to use in commercial and scalable projects.

Years of experience
When we are develop a platform
we are trying to use all
experience of our team for
the past years of work.
Real projects

We are use and test our platform on more real projects with different scalable and traffic

High-load projects

Some highload projects already use CodeBits Platform for work. Its a games, services and etc.


We are planning to translate our platform and documentation on another languages at this year


Already developed and used in real commercial projects. You can buy a modules for your project

About platform
About platform

Easy project management

CodeBits Platform has pretty, simple and very powerful control panel for your project. You can setup your project as you like withoud using a code.

Ask us about platform:

Ready to all projects

CodeBits Platform - Powered by powerful M-V-C framework based on Singleton principies and include all what you need for develop pretty projects.

Minimize code writing and improve project support with perfect architecture, included control panel and more advanced features: from API support to fast cache system.

  • CodeBits Awards Review: Very Fast
  • CodeBits Award Review: Easy to Learn
  • CodeBits Award Review: Ready for all
  • CodeBits Award Review: Tool for Everyone
  • CodeBits Award Review: Project of Year

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