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Platform Features

Powerful MVC framework with API support, ready to use control panel and analytics. This features is available in the CodeBits Platform.

Open Source

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We want to create the best products and platform. Help us to make it better and join us on GitHub. CodeBits Platform - is open source product.


  • Flexible
    Setup platform for every your project. Unlimited features and scalable for commercial projects.
  • Smart Architecture
    Based on M-V-C framework and Singleton principies for minimizing code in your projects.
  • Deep Documentation
    CodeBits Platform has easy and deep documentation presented by two languages for fast start.
  • Features
    Platform has more different features: from API support to fast-cache and project analytics.
  • Simple
    Fast installation, useful control panel, good documentation and commented code for you.
  • Free
    CodeBits Platform - its an open-source project provided by MIT license. Its forever free.
  • Fast and Stable
    Based on fast framework with cache support provide for you high perfomance and stable working.
  • Support
    We alway ready to help you learn and use our platform. Also we have a premium-support plans.
  • Recognition
    Code architecture is similar with CodeIgniter and it's have a low entry threshold. Just try it!
  • Tested
    Our platform already used by more different projects: websites, applications and mobile games.
  • Multi-Language
    CodeBits Platform already include powerful localization core for your projects. It's awesome!
  • Users
    Platform include profiles system with more features for managing and analyze your users.

Build an amazing website with CodeBits Platform

Translate your website on different languages by localization module
Use all features of flexible MVC framework for fast web development
Good architecture and fast-cache system improving project perfomance
Create mobile application for your website and connect it with API


CodeBits Platform CMS Control Panel

Control your website

Simple and user-friendly control panel improve your website management. Your managers can control a website, add/remove materials or view analytics.
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